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Dr M. Doery
- Collingwood

After several bad experiences with Financial Planners in my 20’s I had almost let go of the idea of engaging professional help to manage my future. Meeting Scott Wilding changed all this. 


Scott not only supported me to get my house in order, his honesty and straight-up approach allowed me to gain clarity and restored my faith in the value of planners. Through our years together, I have gained enormously through knowledge, confidence and the peace of mind that comes with having someone truly in your corner. 


Beyond simply getting finances in order, Scott’s is dedicated to knowing and actively managing each and every client. His patience, willingness to teach, and ability to take into account individual values is key to what I call the "sleep at night” factor. 


For people like me with multiple projects and a busy life, Scott is a brilliant on-demand sounding board. This is invaluable if I’m trying to make a spending or investing decision on the hop. 


Lastly, for women hoping to secure their own future - forget diamonds, Scott is the best friend you need!  

Joe & Robyn Xerri
- Horsham 

We have been clients of Scotts for over 10 years, we have been impressed with the way he has looked after our financial affairs keeping us up to date with the information we required & with helping with any queries & concerns that we may have had. 

We trust & highly recommend his services to anyone. 

Dr Tamara Targo-Bailey
- Mt Waverley

To Whom It May Concern,


This letter is intended as a recommendation for the financial planning services provided by Mr. Scott Wilding of Cornucopia Financial Planning.

I was referred to Scott by my previous financial planner upon her retirement and had my initial assessment with him approximately
a year ago. I found his manner to be extremely professional and his experience in the industry was evident through a vast knowledge base. The information Scott provided stood up to independent verification thus I have no hesitation in endorsing his recommendations.


On a personal level, his advice impacted my life profoundly when I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Were it not for the insurance structure Scott established, my final years would be spent managing extreme financial hardship and despairing over all I never had the chance to do in my life. In contrast, my insurance cover was tailored to provide the means to negate the need to work and will allow me to tick off as much of my bucket list as possible in whatever time I have left. This is an immeasurable difference in outcomes, for which I have the deepest gratitude. 


Scott’s services as a whole are uniquely valuable and underpinned by his exemplary ethics. Based on my personal experience with him I would wholeheartedly recommend his range of financial planning services without hesitation.





Dr. Tamara Targo-Bailey  
AMusA, BSc, BVSc(Hons), MANZCVS(Fel), MBA(Exec)

Richard & Robyn Brazenall
- St Kilda East 

After many years talking about seeing a Financial Adviser we were recommended to Scott and immediately felt confident in his knowledge and honesty. We were looking for a stress free approach to managing our finances along with realistic advice and expectations of our financial future. 

We only wish we had engaged his services earlier! 

Angela Ballinger 
- Horsham (former client)

Scott, we have had cause to think of you most appreciatively over the past couple of years.  I had breast cancer in 2006 and we utilised the critical illness policy that you suggested all those years back when the kids were tiny.  It (the critical illness cover) paid for the very best of care for me and it also paid for 5 fantastic weeks in Turkey and the Greek Islands last year.  So thanks heaps Scott for your sound advice.

The money was crucial to myself, the family and the business. 

Linda Papp
-St Albans Park

Your knowledge during this time has been invaluable and your direction and advice through this has been solid and constructive.  Sam and I would be happy to highly recommend you to anyone looking for a Financial Planner in the near future. We have greatly appreciated how you have gone over and above in handling our circumstance and would be happy to refer you to any and all we come in contact wit.

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